Organize an unforgettable party

If you want to be different take an advantage of the most modern means of entertainment - on wheels. How to go about it - contact us. We offer luxury buses, equipped and furnished  with the cutting-age equipment, convenient and comfortable. You will feel unique. The interior of the bus is in accordance with the highest standards and at the same time is thought of traveling comfort and convenience in organizing the party. If you want to impress someone, to organize an unforgettable romantic date, business meetings, wedding or just invite your friends for a walk at night Los Angeles, please contact us.
Be different, romantic, brave! Take advantage of our unconventional proposals and your loved ones will remember your surprise for a very long time! Company can offer luxury bus for your corporate event, whether you want an elegant party for the anniversary of the company, happy company Christmas party, organizing various fashion promotions presentation of a new product, a cocktail for the opening of a new office, a meeting of directors or any other party occasion. Just imagine a lovely masked ball and carnival - Halloween or Valentine’s Day in our luxury Limo Bus Los Angeles, will remain unforgettable. Promotion of perfumes, alcohol, food, more.

Organization of events: weddings, family celebrations, corporate events, anniversaries, cocktail parties, stag and hen parties, christenings, fellowship gatherings, birthdays, children’s parties, beach fiestas, charity balls, can also be organized on the go. If you want to be exciting and unique, give us a call and show, that the party can be anywhere at any time. Go beyond the cliché party and do something unusual and exciting  - party in unique luxury bus. The use of buses in organizing different types of events is very modern and increasingly become a famous place for party organization. It is now fashionable to invite guests to the exciting tour of the luxury bus. Buses are unique and one of a kind and will definitely exceed your expectations. You can spend unforgettable  hours wandering at the night Los Angeles on wheels with your friends. Make your party at different, non-standard location.

How to rent a car in Bulgaria

To rent a car in Bulgaria in most cases you have to be at least 21 years old and have identity card and driving license.

The minimum period for car rental is 24 hours. Vehicles are given equipment as required by the Traffic Police.

You have to return the car in the state in which you have accepted it in the agreed time and place. If you decide to keep the car for a longer period is necessary to notify rent a car company about 5 hours before the deadline.

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Economy car rental

With the credit crisis hitting hard the U.S. and the inflation keeping a steady up trend, lots of car rental companies announced that they would increase prices explaining their move with the choking price of the gasoline.

Last week Avis Budget Group reduced its profit outlook for the year and said it will cut 700 jobs. Business Week reported that the Persippany based car rental company expects to report a third quarter loss of about $1 billion. The company also lowered its earnings and sales estimates for the full year as more people reduce their travel expenses and rent fewer cars.

Another troubled car rental company – Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group – also announced it would cut off 400 jobs comprising 6 percent of its work force. The Tulsa-based company President and CEO Scott Thompson explained that the layoffs will realign the workforce with business conditions, again pointing at the slowing economy and unfavorable credit markets.

Among competitors laying off workers, Hertz Global Holdings Inc. boosted retail car rental rates by more than 10 percent, on average, at North American airports due to inflation. The rate increase also affected North American off-airport markets by 5 percent, while European airport and downtown rates increased approximately by 10 percent. However, the negotiated contract rates still remain unchanged. In contrast, both short-term and long-term equipment rental levels boosted for the U.S. and Europe.

Last week the American Express business travel report was released predicting that the overall trip costs will increase globally 2,8 percent year over year for domestic trips and 4,3 percent for international trips. Amex explained that average car rental prices were also expected to increase slightly as rental firms compete energetically for corporate accounts.

Having this in mind, it is not surprising that earlier TLS Vehicle Rental claimed that the move towards a pay-as-you-go culture that predates the credit crunch is encouraging operators to rent vans for longer periods, thus boosting the long-term car rental. This move is explained by the economic slump appearing to cause more car rental companies to prefer contract hire than buy new vehicles to renew their fleet. According to the GE-owned company more customers are viewing rental as a longer-term means of acquiring the car they need. The CEO Carl D’Ammassa stated that over the years the rental as a vehicle acquisition product has been growing and that the credit crunch is accelerating this visible trend. The long-term vehicle rental as a trend has also spread to truck fleet operators, not only to the car fleet sector making it a real massive move.

In view of the deepening economic crisis there are several tips consumers can follow to reduce their travel expenses and still be able to enjoy their pre-planned far-off holidays despite the fluctuating prices of gasoline.

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Long term car rental

If you have already made up your mind to travel with a rented vehicle, you should carefully inspect several travel web sites such as Travelocity and Orbitz. These web sites offer links to different car rental operators’ web sites. After visiting those, you can usually track down a number for their local office. Keep in mind that if you contact the car rental companies directly by phone, you can negotiate an even lower price than the one being offered for booking by the company web site.

You can ask if the car rental company you have chosen has hybrid cars in store. It might be really tough to reserve one as the gasoline prices caused hybrid car rentals to shoot up. Hertz announced that hybrid car rentals have increased 40 percent this year. Car rental operators have been renovating their fleets with vehicles like the Nissan Altima and the Toyota Prius, but despite these renovations, hybrid cars may need to be requested two months in advance. If you have made up your mind to book such a car, it again is advisable to ring by phone than go online.

It may sound logical that with the increasing gasoline prices hybrid cars are a better choice, but Consumer Reports found that renting a hybrid car might not necessarily save money. The Avis car rental company offered a three-day rental of an Altima hybrid for $253 versus $111 for the Chevy Impala. So you may be able to get a better rate on non-fuel efficient car. Whatever your choice of vehicle, you can always ask for other discounts.

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Tips for renting a car in Europe

Are you planning a trip to Europe, and considering renting a car during your stay?  Here are some important tips you need to know beforehand:europe_map
1. If you choose to pick up a car from a car rental company straight from the airport, train station or port,  you must be warned that there are ”premium station” taxes involved, varying from 15-20% of the fee, or a fixed sum ranging from 30 to 60 USD, depending on the country.  To avoid this initial tax, you can take a cab to the closest car rental company and pick up your car from there, tax free.  A good idea is to do some research on such companies found in close proximity to the place of your arrival, taxi fees, etc. You can drop off the car at the airport when you are leaving though – no fee involved there!
2. If you plan to drive from one country to another, even though most countries are in the European Union, there are usually damage fees for picking up a car from one country and dropping it off in another.  Do your research, because sometimes these fees can reach up to 4,000 USD!
3. Be careful when comparing the prices of different car rental companies. Ask if the road and licensing taxes and fees are included in the price, because in some cases it can reach up to 5 USD per day.
4. Always try to return the rented car before the time agreed upon in your initial contract, because in most cases even if you are just half an hour late, you will be charged for an extra day.  Also, remember to fill it up before returning it and keep the receipt – otherwise you will be charged damage fees for that too.
5. Some European countries have additional taxes for winter tires. So if you are going skiing in the Alps, you should check this beforehand, otherwise, you may end up paying up to 21 USD a day.

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Too old to rent a car?

Even though in the US you need to be at least 21 years old in order to rent a car, there is virtually no age limit for older drivers who are willing to rent one. On the other hand, in Europe and the rest of the world there are various kinds of age restrictions for the younger elderly customers of rental car companies.
For example, many European car rental companies will not rent out their cars to people under 25 and over 75 years of age.  In Ireland, you may need to pay additional taxes if you are over 70 and are willing to rent a car.  You may even be asked to provide documentation and sign declarations that you are completely healthy and have been driving on a regular basis in some countries.
In the rest of the world, the age limits are even more drastic for renting cars. A doctor’s note will be needed in Australia if you are 75 or more and want to drive a rented car.
In Morocco, you won’t be able to rent a car if you are 60 or more.  In Jamaica, the age limit is 65 years maximum if you want to rent a car.
The reason for these age restrictions is because the insurance companies won’t pay off the insurance due in case of an accident, if it was caused by an elderly driver.  Actually, the insurance companies place such restrictions in their insurance policies when offering them to car rental companies.
Even though there is logic behind these rules and age restriction, if you are confident that you can drive without a problem, and you need to rent a car, but you are over the age limit, then simply make a person you are travelling with or another younger person willing to sign the contract with the car rental company instead of you.

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Plan your unforgettable party

Want to organize an unforgettable party. Еveryone will remember the unique meeting in a luxury bus or limousine. Your friends, clients or business partners will remember forever event, that you organize. You can rent a luxury limousine or party bus to and rejoice in motion. Let’s start the party in a one part of Los Angeles and move to another part. Want to organize an unforgettable wedding, birthday or surprise a friend or loved one. Rely on our services and get you will have excellent results. Our team consists of professionals who will be at your service.We offer luxury cars at your disposal for your special moments. No matter what the event: weddings, proms, birthdays, bachelor parties, cocktail parties, social events, business meetings, meeting and sending VIP guests, a tour of Los Angeles and surrounding landmarks or evening party with friends.You and your guests will be taken from your home or place, that you will identify and navigate the streets of Los Angeles luxury and comfort.
Our team will take care of you all the time and will make you feel special as you and your business will look better with more of our services and will be pleased and delighted.
Where, when and how you need us a team will be there, you can count on us! We place the security above all clients. The cars we offer undergo monthly inspections and are in excellent condition. If we see failure as car goes into our service. You will only drive cars in perfect condition. If you have not used our services, now is the time to take advantage.
Relive your best moment with us!

Wholesale Car Wash Supplier

I have always to find accessories for my car that I cannot find in retail stores. Most of the car wash accessories that I find in retail stores are air fresheners and things to hang on my rear view mirror. Pronto Sales is one of the companies that I have found online that has different items that I can use in my car. I love the scents that the company offers as well as the unique decorations to go inside my car.

One thing that I order all the time is the Scent Stone. This stone lays on my center console and emits a soothing smell in my car. My favorite scent is cinnamon, but I try to change the stone that I get through the year so that my car smells like the seasons. Another item that I like to get is the Yankee paper air fresheners. I have trouble finding these in my city, and I was thrilled when I discovered them on this site. I have ordered several, and there are two different sizes.
Air fresheners are not the only thing that Pronto Sales is known for. The company also sells items to make my car look better. From floor mats to steering wheel covers, I have found everything that I need to make over the interior of my vehicle.